The Seaplane Club

The Seaplane Club

This latest iteration of The Seaplane Club provides a focus for all those interested in water flying, both in the past and today.

Despite the modern constraints on seaplane operations, there still remains a small UK community and some larger groups in Europe, who are dedicated to preserving this unique type of aviation.

The main locations of water flying continue to be in areas where it is often the only sensible means of transport - such as isolated inland communities and island groups.

Meanwhile, the interest in the British contribution to the historical development of flying from water continues to fascinate many people. Often this interest stems from those who are lucky enough to know or have veteran flying boat pilots and crew members in their families.

This site attempts to give updates and insights into current water flying, seaplane photographs and occasional historical vignettes.

I will also provide details of our current operations with our Cessna 182R Amphibian, G-ESSL.  

Captain John Russell.                              

G-ESSL in flight

Photo copyright of SFB Photographic.

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